Review: Bob Dylan: Inspirations by Essential Works

Bob Dylan: Inspirations
by Essential Works
Rating: ****
Read 8/2/2013
Classic Dylan quotes married with iconic Dylan photos. What’s not to like? One wonders, of course, if Dylan pocketed any cash from this project, and one sincerely hopes so. It’s a small square book, just right to slip into the backpack of a kid going away to school, perfect for a housewarming present, and nice for any coffee shop anywhere.

Dylanheads shouldn’t miss this, but I don’t think it’s a good vehicle to convert the newbies with.

Review: Good Times Bad Times: Led Zeppelin: A Visual Biography by Jerry Prochnicky


Good Times Bad Times: Led Zeppelin: A Visual Biography
by Jerry Prochnicky
Rating: ***
Read: 5/1/2013
Oh, what a nostalgic treat this was. Mostly photographs, the snippets of text were informative and evocative. I still can’t get over how beautiful Robert Plant was then. Wow. I loved revisiting the band and the times. I loved looking at the pictures- more than I thought I would. The whole time I was reading it, the soundtrack from my teen years was playing in my head. It’s funny how attached a person can become to certain songs.

I keep wondering what the nursing homes are going to sound like in a few years, contrasted with today’s jazz standards.


Review: Mick Jagger by Philip Norman



Mick Jagger
by Philip Norman
Rating: ***
Read: 4/27/2013

Norman gives what appears to be a fairly evenhanded treatment of Jagger’s life to date, though he seems obsessed with the “Mars Bar incident” and refers to it way too many times after initially debunking it. This is a really long book that doesn’t even begin to be exhaustive- Jagger’s life has been so full of women, of song, and of wine (where wine= any mind altering substance) that there’s hardly room to cover half of it. My favorite parts were the chapters concerning the Rolling Stones tours that I have attended. I also found reading about Jagger’s relationship with his kids purely fascinating. Yeah, I’m a fangirl.

It was interesting that it seemed to me that Norman started off with what seemed to me sort of an attitude that was anti-Mick, pro-Marianne, then in the middle of the book he seemed more or less on Mick’s team, but by the end of the book was very pro-Jerry. Um, I sort of sound like E! Weekly, don’t I? The narrator had just the proper poncy British accent which added to my delight.

If you’re a Jagger fan, don’t miss this.