Review: Ask the Passengers by A.S. King


Ask the Passengers
by A.S. King
Rating: ****
Read 5/11/2013

Ask The Passengers is from the able pen of A.S. King, and while I didn’t find it as affecting as Everybody Sees The Ants (which I love, love, loved) I really enjoyed it. Astrid doesn’t quite fit in her family, her mom is borderline abusive, her dad’s out in the garage hitting the bong and her little sister is playing hockey or going out to the country club. Astrid’s way of coping with this alienation is brilliant, as are the little story vignettes from other people’s lives we get a window on.

I loved the setting. I liked so many of the people. I loved the huge role Socrates plays in the plot. It worked really well together. I didn’t quite buy the mom, which is what kept it from being a five star book for me.

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