Review: The Layered Garden by David L.Culp

The Layered Garden
by David Culp
Rating: ****
Read 7/8/2013

Um, I… I don’t know how to say this, but Culp’s garden is almost too unstructured for me. Those of you who have walked through my garden, stop laughing already.

The photos are stellar, and seeing how his borders change from month to month is a real high point of the book. I only wish he’d set a mark to photograph from, so that the perspective was exactly the same in each shot. Which is persnickety, but still what I would prefer.

His plant selection is brilliant and eclectic and I was feverishly taking notes the whole time I was reading. His writing style is a touch breathless, but his essential love and reverence for his subject matter shines through.

Highly recommended for those of us who try to keep a garden and find ourselves kept by same.

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