Review: Three Dimensional Beadwork by Sigrid Wynne-Evans

Three Dimensional Beadwork
by Sigrid Wynne-Evans
Rating: ****
Read 9/29/2013

Splendid! Wynne-Evans gives instructions that are not prescriptive but more suggestive. She trusts that the person reading her book is already at a high level of beadweaving expertise, and just guides one along. The ideas are stellar, the photographs adequate. Though there are patterns, they are presented as guidelines rather than rules, and there’s a lovely feeling of collaboration buzzing throughout the book.

Review: Stitch Workshop: Right-Angle Weave by Bead & Button Magazine

Stitch Workshop: Right-Angle Weave
by Bead & Button Magazine
Rating: ***
Read 8/12/2013

Splendid diagrams and decent photos. I didn’t find any of the projects inspiring, but I did come out of the book feeling like I have a more secure base in RAW. I’ve fallen in love with MRAW (M is for modified) and I suspect I will use that instead of regular RAW forever and ever, amen.

MRAW (Not What The Cat Says)

Attempting a new thing.

Attempting a new thing.

I discovered a new book I need, just as soon as the budget loosens up. Fortunately, the author has put some of the basics on YouTube, and I’m looking very closely at what everyone else is doing with the book. Reverse engineering is fun! The stitch I’m learning is called MRAW (Modified Right-Angle Weave) and it’s so much more fun that regular RAW. It’s more stable, more architectural, the tension is easier to manage. I’ve only just begun.  Here’s a link to the video: that started me down this new thread path.  Kate McKinnon is a genius.

I haven’t had this much fun beading since, well, since the last time I learned a new stitch.

Beading: New Work

Bead embroidered mask.

Kayli’s Mask

I made this mask for Kayli’s birthday. Well, it was supposed to be for Kayli’s birthday, which was in April. Finishing it was tough- trying to find the backing material & the ties to match the beads. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I hope she likes it too.

The white beads glow in the dark!

Kayli's mask with surface detail.

Kayli’s Mask with surface detail